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               Regional Profile


I. General information

       Romblon province could be found at the center of the Philippine Archipelago. It is a cluster of 20 islands and islets (3 major and 17 small islands). It is surrounded by deep waters and lies on the Sibuyan Sea, north of Panay Island, southeast of Mindoro and west of Masbate. It is approximately 187 nautical miles and 169 air miles from Manila.

Political Seat

Governor :                          Hon. Eduardo C. Firmalo
Vice Governor :                  Hon. Manuel M. Madrid
Congressman (Lone Seat) : Hon. Eleandro Jesus F. Madrona

          a. Climate

      The province of Romblon is characterized by unpronounced wet and dry seasons. The wet season is generally from June to November and sometimes up to December when the southwestmonsoon is preponderant, while the dry season is from January to May. Rainfall, however, may beobserved during dry season. October has the most number of rainy days at 21, while April has the  least at 8 days. Typhoon season in Romblon usually start from July and last till November.

          b. Land Resources

       Romblon is mainly an agricultural province. Tablas Island is the major producer of staple crops in the province while Sibuyan is thickly forested mountain mass with limited rolling and flat terrain. Romblon island on the other hand is hilly and has huge marble deposits. The Tres Islas are mostly cultivated with coconut trees.

       The land classification of Romblon is classified as alienable and disposable; and classified as forest land. Of the total land area, 68% is classified as alienable and disposable, 15% as forest reserve and timberland. About 27% are forestland.



 Agricultural Land


 Forest Land


 Idle Land


 Pasture Land


 Swamp Land


 Built-up ARea


 Inland Fishing Area




          c. Boundaries and Topography
        The terrain of the whole province is generally mountainous with slopes ranging from level to extremely rugged. Narrow strips of coastal lowland, low hills and plains characterize some of the islands.

          d. Soil types

       The soils of Romblon Province are derived from different kinds of parent materials, namely: shale, sandstone, basalt, andesite, limestone and metamorphic rocks (i.e. marble, schist, quartezite and slate. The decay of these different parent materials produced different kinds of soil, such as sandy loam, sandy clay loam, clay loam, clay and loam.

          e. Land Area

      The total land area of the province is approximately 135,590 has. Tablas Island occupies about 50% of its land area. The second biggest island is Sibuyan and the third is the island municipality of Romblon, the provincial capital.

           f. Size and Distribution by province

          Capital Province and Municipalities

          Capital :                                            Romblon
          No. of Municipalities :                          17

         Tablas Island                Sibuyan Island                Tres Islas               Carabao Island

          San Agustin                  San Fernando                    Corcuera                    Jose
          San Andres                   Magdiwang                        Banton
          Calatrava                       Cajidiocan                         Concepcion
          Sta. Fe
          Sta. Maria

         No. of barangays :  219

         Population :           264,357 ((as of 2007)

              III. Support Services:

                  a. Infrastructure Services:

             1. Construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of provincial roads & bridges
             2. Concreting/improvement of Farm to Market Roads
             3. Construction of river control
             4. Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Bridges
             5. Construction/Rehabilitation of Hospitals

        On-Going Projects

             1. Concreting of Provincial Roads (3.49 km)
             2. Construction of River Control (2)
             3. Construction/Improvement of Hospital (3)
             4. Construction/Rehabilitation of Water Facilities (5)

        Finished Projects

             1 .Concreting of Provincial Roads (24.67 km)
             2. Construction/Rehabilitation of Bridges (3)
             3. Rehabilitation of Hospital (3)
             4. Improvement of Barangay Roads (2.26 km)
             5. Construction of Water Facilities (53)


    •  Road Network

             1. Provincial Roads (238.355 km)

    •  Concrete -  70.408 km
    •  Asphalt -     5 km
    •  Gravel -    167.447 km

             2. National Roads (311.046 km)

    •  Concrete -  86.677 km
    •   Asphalt -    22.860 km
    •   Gravel -      201.509 km

                    bCommunication : Telefax; Globe; SMART; Long distance telephone are available                         through PLDT, BAYANTEL, ROMBLONTEL. Telegraphic services are also available                         through RCPI, PT & T. Private & government communication facilities are all located at                         the town proper.

                    c. Transport

                        - Airport     - Domestic flights are available from Manila. Airport in Romblon is located                                            at Tugdan Domestic Airport , Alcantara, Romblon using SEA AIR Lines on                                            a twice a week flight schedule.One air strip in Azagra, San Fernando.

                        - Land        - Tricycles and jeeps are the main modes of transport in the province.                                            Several buses provide regular trips to municipalities. "Habal-habal" or
                                           single motorcycle is also being use as transport especially in the port.

                        - Sea Ports :

                        ROMBLON PORT : The port of Romblon is the main port serving the whole province of               Romblon with 2,979 sq m. It plays a vital role in the transport of conventional cargoes and               passengers to CALABARZON provinces, Mindoro Island and Metro Manila. It is located at the               capital town of Romblon, an island famous for its world class marbles. Romblon Terminal               comprises the terminal port of Romblon and covers all feeders ports namely: Carmen,               Ambulong, Cajidiocan, Azagrra, Simarara, Banton and Concepcion.

                        Sea Distance (nautical miles)

                        From Romblon Port to                               Nautical Miles

              Aklan Pt., North Panay                                                     53.5
              Calbayog City                                                                 158.2
              Lucena City                                                                      90.7
              Manila (via North Passage)                                               109.4
              Manila (Via West Passage)                                              186.1
              Masbate Harbor, Masbate                                                  88.1
              Odiongan, Tablas, Island                                                    32.5
              Port Barrera, Masbate                                                        74.2
              Sorsogon, Sorsogon                                                         105.8

                            Connecting Ports                    Transport Means             Travel Frequency
                            Batangas Port                           MV Montenegro                    Trice a week
                            Lucena Port                               MV, Kalayaan                      Trice a week
                            Magdiwang Port                         MV Pumpboat                      Daily
                            San Agustin Port                        MV,Pumpboat                      Daily
                            North Harbor                               MV (MBRS)                         Once a Week

              ODIONGAN PORT: The Port is located at Barangay Batiano in the island of Tablas, with               7,837 sq m.and approximately three (3) kilometers away from the town proper of Odiongan,               Romblon.

                              Connecting Ports                   Transport Means              Travel Frequency
                              Batangas Port                          Motor Vessel                        Daily
                              North harbor                             Motor vessel                         Once a week
                              Dangay Port, Or. Mdo.              MV, Pumpboat                      Daily
                              Caticlan Port                            MV                                      Once a week

         LOOC PORT: Connecting Ports                  Transport Means               Travel Frequency
                              Caticlan Port                            Pumpboat                             Daily
                              Dangay Port                             Pumpboat                            Trice a week

          STA. FE PORT : Caticlan Port                       Pumpboat                            Daily

          CORCUERA PORT: Batangas Port                Pumpboat                            Trice a week
                                        Calatrava Port                 Pumpboat                            Daily

          SAN AGUSTIN        Romblon Port                 MV, Pumpboat                      Daily

          MAGDIWANG          Romblon Port                 MV, Pumpboat                      Daily

          CAJIDIOCAN           Romblon Port                 MV, (MBSRS)                       once a week

          BANTON                Lucena Port                     MV, (Kalayaan)                     Trice a Week

          CONCEPCION           Pinamalayan Port           Pumpboat                             Daily

d.1. Educational Institutions:

      a. Elementary Schools
      d.1.a.1. Public Elementary Schools                         - 215
      d.1.a.2. Private Schools                                             - 8

      b. Secondary Schools
      d.1 b.1. Public Secondary Schools                             - 37
      d.1.b.2. Private Elemtary Schools                                - 8

c. Colleges
    d1.c.1. Romblon State College

    •  Odiongan Main Campus
    •   San Agustin Branch
    •   San Fernando Branch
    •   Cajidiocan Branch
    •    Andres Branch
    •    Calatrava Branch
    •    Fe Branch
     d.1.c.2. Alcantara National Trade School
     d.1c.3. Educational System Technical Institute (ESTI)
     d.1.c.4.Romblon College
     d.1.c.5. San Lorenzo Ruiz Seminary

d.2.  Research Institution
    •   Romblon State College
    •   Department of Agriculture
    •   DOST

d. Banking/Credit
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