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          Regional Profile



   Oriental Mindoro

   Occidental Mindoro

           General Information


           Oriental Mindoro is the eastern half of the island of Mindoro. It is directly south of Manila 140 kilometers away and only 45-minute ferry ride from the international port of Batangas. The island can also be reached via air in 30 minutes from NAIA Domestic Airport.

Political Seat

Governor                       - Hon. Alfonzo V. Umali Jr.
Vice-Governor                - Hon. Humerlito A. Dolor
Congressmen                - Hon. Rodolfo G. Valencia (North District)
                                     -Hon. Reynaldo V. Umali, (South District)

 a. Climate

            Has no distinct wet or dry seasons but is open to southwest monsoons and typhoons. The province experiences maximum rainfall during the month of June to October. Relative humidity is registered at 81%.

 b. Land Resources

            Known to have deposits of gold, silver, nickel, iron, copper, chromites, gypsum, barite and its high-grade marble. Its marble is said to be one of the most exquisite in the world that compares with the Carera marble of Italy. Deposits of coal found in Bulalacao are potential energy source

            The provincial land is considered classified and unclassified. The total agricultural which covers the SAFDZ areas (BSWM. 2000) is 142,111 hectares. The non-SAFDZ areas which includes agro-forestry zone (32,221 has.), watershed-forestry zone (249,982 has.), the built-up areas (5,508) and the remaining land that can be developed as agricultural land (6,650 has.)

 c. Boundaries and Topography

             It occupies the eastern half of the island of Mindoro; Occidental Mindoro is at the western half. On the east of the province lies the Sibuyan Sea and Romblon. To the north is Batangas across the Verde Island Passage. The Semirara Islands of Antique are to the south.

             Dominated by rugged mountain ranges on the west and fertile valleys towards the eastern coast. The Halcon mountain range runs from north to south and serves as the province´s natural boundary with Occidental Mindoro. Mt. Halcon is the fourth highest peak in the Philippines.

d. Soil Type

             Soil type ranges from San Manuel Loam, silt loam, clay loam, sandy loam; Quingua clay loam, silt loam; Bolinao clay; Calumpang silty clay loam, clay loam; Mogpog clay loam; Mugney loamy sand; San Manuel Loamy sand; Tagaytay sandy loam; San Fabian clay loam; Beach sand; Maranlig clay, loam, gravelling sandy clay loam; Luisiana clay loam; Bulacan clay loam; Lugo clay; Alaminos clay loam; Banto-Malalag complex; Rough mountainous land; Hydrosol; to River wash.

e. Land Area

              The total land area of the province is approximately 436,472 hectares.

f. Size and Distribution by province

      No. of Districts:                                                   Two (2)

      Capital (component city):                                     Calapan City

      No. of Municipalities/Cities:                             14 muncipalities and one (1) city

      First (North) District                                             Second (South) District
      Puerto Galera                                                      Pinamalayan
      San Teodoro                                                        Gloria
      Baco                                                                   Bansud
      Calapan City                                                        Bongabong
      Naujan                                                                Roxas
      Victoria                                                               Mansalay
      Soccoro                                                              Bulalacao

  No. of Barangays:                                                   426

II. Agricultural and market Information

A. Principal Market Centers

Municipality Market Day
Bansud Sunday
Baco Wednesday
Bongagong Thursday
Bulalacao Sunday & Tuesday
Gloria Saturday & Sunday
Naujan Tuesday
Calapan Sunday, Thursday & Friday
Pinamalayan Wednesday & Saturday
Socorro Sunday
Pola Saturday
Roxas Wednesday & Sunday
San Teodoro Saturday
Mandalay Sunday 
Pto. Galera Sunday
Victoria Thursday & Sunday

B. Trading Posts

             1) Victoria Trading Post
                  Sta. Isabel, Victoria, Or. Mindoro

III. Support Services

a. Infrastructure

             Roads are constructed using a combination of concrete, asphalt, gravel and earth.
Several bridges (small and big) span various creeks and rivers built mostly of concrete and steel on the national road and barangays.


As to system

As to surface type
 2,089.75 km 1,137.50 km 


As to system

As to bridge type
 6,122.33 LM  5,967.74 LM

b. Communication
            The use of computers through Internet, Telefax, cellular phones (powered by Globe, SMART and Sun) and sometimes, two-way radios are popular not only in the households but also among students and schools and businesses with operations in the interior of the provinces; local telecommunication is being serviced by Calapan Telephone System, Inc. (CATSI). Mail handling or postal /courier services are provided by RCPI and LBC aside from the post offices located in each municipality.

* Postal Services
-   no. of postal offices                                                   21

 * Telegraph Services
 - no. of radio station (11 Icom and 2 Vitron                    13
  - no. of telegraphic transfer office                                    4
  - no. of office handling social telegraph                          10

* Telephone / Internet Services

1. Landline Telephone Services

         - Calapan Telephone System, Inc. (CATSI) Coverage:

                 Calapan City, Roxas, Bongabong, Victoria, Pinamalayan, Socorro,
                 Bansud, Gloria, and Pto. Galera

      - Globe Telecom Coverage:

                 Calapan City, Socorro, Bongabong, Naujan, Puerto Galera,
                 Victoria, Pinamalayan, Roxas

2. Cellular Telephone Services

         - Smart Telecommunications, Inc
                  Cellsites at Calapan City and Pto. Galera, Naujan, Pinamalayan, Roxas & Bongabong

          - Globe Telecom
                  Cell sites at Calapan, Pto. Galera and Roxas

c. Transport


            Private/commercial aircraft and government including military craft landed in Calapan airport. Pinamalayan airport which opened just a few years ago is now non-operational. Private airport is being operated in the municipality Naujan Sea.

            Calapan port in Calapan City and Dangay port in Roxas are the two national ports of entry in the province servicing 20 cargo Vessels and 20 fastcrafts by 7 shipping companies)

Daily Departure/Arrival of Vessels in Calapan City - Vice Versa

 1:00 AM  Atlantic
 3:00 AM  Navigator
 5:00 AM  Annapolis
 7:00 AM  Polaris
 7:00 AM  Nautica
 11:00 AM  Navigator
 1:00 PM  Annapolis
 3:00 PM  Polaris
 5:00 PM  Atlantic
 7:00 PM  Nautica
 9:00 PM  Annapolis
 11:00 PM  Polaris

 12: AM  Helena
 2:00 AM  Natasha
 4:00 AM  Feliza
 6:00 AM  Lolita
 8:00 AM  Teresa
 10:00AM  Natasha 
 12:00 noon  Helena
 2:00 PM  Zenaida
 4::00 PM  Feliza
 6.00 PM  Lolita
 8:00 PM  Teresa
 10:00 PM  Natasha

 9:30 AM  Baleno 5
 11:30 AM  Baleno 8
 3:30 PM  Baleno 5
 1:30 PM  Baleno 8

 Calapan  Batangas
 5:00 AM  6:30 AM
 8:00 PM  9:30 AM
 11:00AM  12:30 PM
 2:00 PM  3:00 PM
 5:00 PM  6:30 PM

Dangay Port via Caticlan and Romblon


 7:30 AM Voyager

 10:30 AM Oliva

 Going to Romblon
        7:30 PM

  6:30 PM Rebecca
  twice a week  

Municipal seaports

                     Calapan City -                                      1
                     Puerto Galera -                                     2
                     Pinamalayan -                                      1
                     Mansalay -                                           1
                     Bulalacao -                                           1
                     Bansud -                                              1
                     Bongabong -                                         1
                     Pola -                                                   1


             Land transport within the province is facilitated by public utility vehicles (jeepneys, buses, minibuses) and L-300 vans. A number of vans offer door-to-door direct transport and cargo services from some of the municipalities to Metro Manila. PUVs and tricycles serve passengers within short distance trips or just within the town proper.

           Travel to-and-from the southern Philippine islands was made easier with the opening of Strong Republic Nautical Highway in 2003 - one remarkable project proudly conceptualized and proposed by the Mindorenos. This even offered convenience and shorter access primarily to the world-famous Boracay, where guests may take the "Isang Sakay na Lang" via Manila-Calapan-Roxas route. And with the SRNH in full operation, Oriental Mindoro is regarded as the "ultimate bridge" that connects mainland Luzon with the Visayas-Mindanao group.

d. Educational/Research Institutions

          d.1. Primary and Secondary Levels

          SY 2006 - 2007 (DepEd)


Elementary and Annexes included





 Pure Elementary
Two-level  Three-level




          d.2. Tertiary Level

                    Abada College, Pinamalayan
                    ACMCL College, Victoria
                    Clarence College, Roxas
                    CLCC Institute of Computer, Calapan City
                    Divine Word College of Calapan, Calapan City
                    EMITS, Pinamalayan
                    Eastern Mindoro College, Bongabong
                    Grace Mission College
                    John Paul College, Roxas
                    Luna Goco Colleges, Calapan City
                    Mina de Oro Inst. Of Science & Technology, Victoria
                    Prince of Peace College, Pinamalayan
                    Roxas College, Roxas
                    St. Augustine Seminary, Calapan City
                    IATEC Computer College, Pinamalayan
                    St. Anthony College of Science &. Technology, Calapan City
                    Innovative College of Science & Technology, Bongabong
                    Mindoro State College (Victoria - Main Campus; Bongabong Branch; Calapan City branch)

          d.3  Research Institution

                      Provincial Office, Department of Science & Technology
                      Provincial Office, Department of Agriculture
                      Or. Mindoro Experiment Station (ORMAES), Victoria
                      Agricultural Development Center (ADC), Naujan

          e. Banking/Credit Institution


 Commercial Banks

 Rural Banks













 Calapan City


















 Puerto Galera






 San Teodoro









            Commercial banking institutions being operated within the province are the branch offices of Land Bank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank, UCPB, DBP, Metrobank, BPI and PCI-Equitable Bank. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are also available at the said banks. Western Union provides money transfer services. Various large and small credit institutions are also being operated in all municipalities.


I. General Information

           One of the emerging major players in the economic development of MIMAROPA is the province of Occidental Mindoro. A 40-minute plane travel from Manila or a 2-hour boat ride from Batangas International Port will take you to this enormous province.

a. Climate

           Alternate wet and dry season, wet season extends from June to October while dry season extends from November to May. The province lies within the typhoon belt.

b. Boundaries and Topography

           Mindoro Island, the seventh largest in the Philippines, is contained in the quadrangle bounded by 1209' and 13054' north latitude and 12001' east longitude. Occidental Mindoro is one of the two provinces comprising Mindoro Island. It is located 45 km. South of Batangas and north of Visayas. The entire eastern portion of the province is bounded by Oriental Mindoro and the western portion by the Apo East Passage. On the north, it bounded by the Calavite and Verde Island Passage and on the south by Mindoro Strait. The southernmost tip of Occidental Mindoro lies in the area of Sibuyan Sea. Like most of the province in the Philippines, the lack of technical description defining the boundaries of the province will cause territorial dispute with in neighboring province Oriental Mindoro.  

          The terrain of the province is characterized by mountain ranges, intermittent valleys and elongated plateaus with rolling prairie lands along the coastal regions. The entire coast of the province has two principal rivers, namely, Busuanga and Lumitao.

c. Slope and Soil: Maranlis sandy; San Miguel Silt; loam

d. Land Area and Land Resources*:

 Total land

 Residential Land Area

 Land AreaArea

 Forest Land Area

Idle Land

 Quarrying Area

 Other Use







 *Bas as 2006

e. Size and Distribution by Province

Capital                      - Mamburao
Key Towns                - San Jose, Sablayan, and Mamburao
No. of municipalities   - 11
No. of barangays        - 162

 First District                       Second District
 Abra de Ilog                        Magsaysay
 Looc *                                Calintaan
 Lubang*                              Rizal
 Mamburao                          San Jose
 Sta. Cruz

 * island municipalities

Political Subdivision:
          Governor :            Hon. Josephine Ramirez-Sato
          Vice Governor :    Hon. Mario Gene J. Mendiola
          Congresswoman : Hon. Ma. Amelita C. Villarosa

II. Agricultural and Market Information

         a. Principal Market Centers


 Market Day

 Abra de Ilog
















 San Jose


 Sta. Cruz



 Sunday, Wednesday

III. Support Services

a. Infrastructures
         Occidental Mindoro is the western half of the island of Mindoro. Some 25 kilometers south of Batangas, its potential lies in its proximity to Batangas and Manila. Road arteries within the province total some 1,633 kilometers concentrated along the coastal areas. Roads are constructed using a combination of concrete, asphalt, gravel and earth. About 200 bridges span various creeks and rivers built mostly of concrete and steel.

         Electric power is supplied by the National Power Corporation and the Island Power Corporation (IPC) through the Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (OMECO) while the island municipalities of Lubang and Looc are supplied by the Lubang Electric Cooperative (LUBELCO). The power plant is still inadequate. Plans are underway to increase supply through private capital

b. Communication
         In key municipalities, the direct dial telephone systems are in place, providing easy access to other provinces and countries. The use of cellular phone and two-way radios is popular among business with operations in the interior of the province. Smart Communications Inc., GLOBE Communications, Bayantel, PT&T and DIGITEL offer cellular, landlines, internet and email access and fax services. The provincial government has also installed radio systems in the nine towns of the province's mainland. Currently, the provincial government is now on-line via Digitel's DSL services.

c. Transport

  • Land: Land transport within the province is facilitated by 3,500 public utility vehicles (buses, cargo trucks, jeepneys, air-conditioned FXs & vans and tricycles). A number of jeepneys offer door-to-door direct transport and cargo services from the different municipalities to Manila and neighboring provinces.

  • Air: Air link is provided by three airports in San Jose, which could accommodate B737-300 jets, and the Sablayan airport that can accommodate small chartered planes and the Mamburao and Lubang airports suited for military aircraft, commercial planes and Fokker 50s.

  • Sea: The province has four (4) ports of entry. The port of Abra de Ilog could accommodate medium-sized Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) passenger cargo ships. It is two hours away by ship from Batangas and 31.4 km from the capital town of Mamburao. Other ports are located in Mamburao, Sablayan and the busy town of San Jose. It now has a fastcraft vessels operating at the speed of 1 hour and 15 minutes from Abra de Ilog to Batangas, vice-versa.



MV Ma. Sophia

  2 trips daily
Batangas - Abra de Ilog
MV Ma. Erlinda

 M - W - F
Batangas - San Jose
MV Ma. Gloria

 2 trips daily
Batangas - Abra de Ilog
MB Don Francisco

 2 trips/week
Batangas - Abra de Ilog
MV Guadalupe

 2 trips daily
Batangas - San Jose
MV Maria Queen

 Wed. & Sat.
Batangas - San Jose
MV Sta. Maria

 Tues., Fri., & Sat.
Batangas - San Jose
Sea Rider 3

 No fixed schedule
Bauan - Abra de Ilog
San Pedro II

 No fixed schedule
PPC - Bauan - San Jose

 No fixed schedule
Iligan - Bauan - Lubang
Julienne Ruby 2

 No fixed schedule
San Jose - Bauan -San Jose - Bauan - Palawan
San Vicente

 No fixed schedule
Bauan - Mamburao - Masbate

 No fixed schedule
Bauan - Samar - Mamburao
San Agustin, Agnes R, Socorro 2

 No fixed schedule
 San Jose - Palawan
Aida 1&2, Socorro1, B. Liner4, Ma. Isabel

 No fixed schedule
San Jose - Semirara
Ma. Carmela, Peñafrancia8, Sta. Maria

 No fixed schedule
San Jose - Batangas

 No fixed schedule
Batangas- San Jose - Batangas

 No fixed schedule
Manila - San Jose
d. Educational/Research Institution:
           A total of 381 schools operate in Occidental Mindoro for the school year of 2006 - 2007, 342 of which were government-owned or public schools and 39 were private-owned.



(annexes included)


 Pure Elementary

(primary & elem.)

(primary - sec.)






*DepEd data

          Collegio de San Sebastian in Sablayan, Divine Word College of San Jose and the Occidental Mindoro National College, a state college in San Jose offers tertiary education.

e. Banking/Credit

  • Land Bank of the Philippines
    • San Jose Branch
    • Sablayan Branch
    • Mamburao Branch
  • Philippine National Bank
    • San Jose Branch
    • Mamburao Branch
  • Development Bank of the Philippines
  • United Coconut Planters Bank
    • San Jose Branch
    • Sablayan Branch
  • First Allied Bank
  • Rural Bank

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